Thank you all for a fabulous weekend!

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HOMERO MANZI was a great poet who wrote many texts of tango songs such as Malena, Uno, Barrio de tango, Milonga sentimental, etc. In homage to that great poet, the name of the marathon.



Arriba Tango - Limhamnsvägen 111

Arriba Tango, a spaceous and cosy dancefloor will be the location for HTM-s milongas on Friday and Sunday. It is situated close to cafés and restaurants, accommodation and public transport: buss nr 7.

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Limhamns Folkets Hus - Linnégatan 61

Folkets Hus, Limhamn, a beautiful ballroom and the location for HTM-s Saturday Milongas, is located in the same area as Arriba Tango. Public transport: bus nr 4.

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It all started in 1998. As the dance blended into my body, the music became more and more important, which led to a DJ career from 2003. The playlist consists of everything from Guardia Vieja to Tango Nuevo and alternative tango, though with the emphasis on the Golden Age. In common for my choice of music is that it is fine tuned, melodic with a dash of romance and melancholy. Some of my favorite orchestras are Canaro, Fresedo and De Angelis. The music is presented according to Tdj standard.


15 years ago Tango found its way into my life. Since then I have learnt a lot about following and leading. Then also the music caught my interest, so Dj-ing came natural. Things like creating a joyful atmosphere and keeping dancers dancing until the last tanda are things that I strive for. To see peolpe´s smiles while dancing is one of my favourite things to enjoy during the milonga. To dance a tanda or two is also something I enjoy while Dj-ing. I look forward to play for you and I hope to dance a lot with new and old friends during this Marathon.


As a tango dancer I like it when there is a good mix of rythmical, lyrical and energy, and as a DJ trying to create that feeling. My selection of music ranges mostly from ’30s to ’50s, but sometimes a bit more modern for a bit of extra energy. I have played at for example Malmö Tango Marathon, Ås Tangofestival, Tango Port Tallinn. Before living a bit up north in Sweden, but now based in Malmö region. When I do not Dj I travel around together with Gunilla Rydén teaching tango in Sweden and Norway.


I work with tango and like to dj since many years. It is a joy to participate in the organization of a tango event in Malmö and it is a passion to play music in Homero Tango Marathon 2020. I have participated in different events as Tdj and I keep inspirations and energy for our Tango Marathon. Together with the other Tango DJs we will do our best to musicalize in a better way. Saludos y Abrazos!! See you!!


The love for tango started for Zhanna through the dance, but the time spent in Buenos Aires made her see the world of music with new eyes and get inspiration from, among other, Horacio Godoy. As a dj Zhanna focuses on the best tango music that would please the dancers' feet, mostly from the golden age, carefully picked cortinas and with the main focus on the floor energy and the balance between the high beat and the romance.


Friday 14 Feb, "Valentine Milonga"

20.00-01.00 Dj Klas Thulin
Place: Arriba Tango
Limhamnsvägen 111

Saturday 15 feb "Amor Milonga"

12.00-17.00 Dj Anita Doby
Place: Limhamns Folkets Hus
17.00-19.00 Break for going out to eat and regain new energy. Freshen up!

Saturday 15 feb "Cupid Milonga"

19.00-24.00 Dj Tommy Selggren
Place: Limhamns Folkets Hus
Linnégatan 61

Sunday 16 feb "Luna de Miel Milonga"

12.00-15.00 Dj Luis Cono
15.00-18.00 Dj Zhanna La Rusa
Place: Arriba Tango
Limhamnsvägen 111

Food and drinks:

All the time: Swedish Fika, coffee, tea, fruit (Fri, Sat and Sun)
12.00-13.00 Breakfast/brunch (Sat and Sun)
20.00-21.00 Soup and bread (Fri and Sat)